Your Commercial Kitchen needs the Golden Triangle Principle

The design and layout of a kitchen is the key to being able to use it safely and efficiently, and that’s the same for both domestic and commercial kitchens. A good kitchen can add value to your home and add to the bottom line of your business thanks to efficiency.  Efficiency comes with well placed tools, storage cupboards and off course a selection of Shelving Ireland products. You can source different sized shelves from sites like

Layout Before Decor

Consider the space available, and plan the layout carefully. Interior designers have long referred to the Golden Triangle, which is considered essential for an efficient kitchen. It sounds rather more impressive than the simple concept that the three areas you use most frequently should be the main focal points and should be laid out in a triangle shape.

In general, the three areas will be the sink, the oven and the fridge. They should be close to each other but not adjacent – the triangular shape – so that each area has its own space, which allows for several people to be moving around.


The idea has been around since the mid twentieth century, when people first began looking at how people use kitchens with a view to improve efficiency. The kitchen is used for storing food (fridge), preparing food (sink) and, of course, cooking food (oven).


There will be exceptions, such as when the kitchen has a single wall. Even then, the ‘points’ should be carefully configured.

Aim for at least 4 feet between each point but no longer than 9, so the total sides measure between 12 and 26 feet. Try to keep the space between the virtual sides of the triangle clear, and make sure cupboards or appliances don’t ‘cut’ any of the sides.

For more ideas on how to apply the ideas to your commercial kitchen, see the advice from The Caterer. Take your time and speak to experts.

Once the triangle is in place, you can arrange other elements accordingly. For example, you will probably want the dishwasher beside the sink and the bin nearby too. With efficiency in mind, it makes sense to consider storage: you’ll use pots and pans on the cooker hob, so store them nearby. Keep knives and utensils close to the food preparation space.

Sketch your plans before you implement them, and tweak as necessary.